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Free consultation to identify your child’s needs

Individualized academic tutoring plan to help your child improve their grade and to overcome learning gaps

In-home assessment to highlight the strength and areas of concern for your child

Matching your child with the right tutor and mentor

One on one home tutoring

We offer language tutoring in French, English and Math for children and adults directly from the comfort of your home.

Parents may choose private in-home tutoring because they can’t help their child with their homework, they do not speak French or English at home and their child can’t develop conversational skills or also because their child has a lack of interest in the French or English languages or Math.

We serve the Greater Toronto Area: Downtown Toronto, Midtown, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond-Hill, Markham.

We teach elementary level, middle and High-School, university students and adults.

We offer learning support for children in French, English and Math as well as Spanish for students and children in English school,  French immersion, French school, IB French, core and Extended French.

Benefits of one on one tutoring

Children who attend a group French lessons often can’t receive the individual focus they need to improve academic performance.

Having a tutoring lesson taking place in your child’s home has many benefits since the tutor only focuses on one student. Tutors can focus solely on areas of improvement your child needs and tailor the lesson for optimal academic performance.

Children usually feel more comfortable having lessons in an environment they are familiar with and thus can use their workspace independently and effectively. It is also the most convenient place for parents evenings and weekends.

Free consultation to better understand your needs

We provide a complementary phone or face to face consultation so that we can better understand your needs and take the appropriate steps forward to support your child’s learning.


Speakedia Language Learning is committed to following the academic success of your child. We will provide an assessment to evaluate your child’s skills in various academic aspects of French, or English for oral communication, oral comprehension, writing and reading as well as in Math.

The assessment is necessary because it will help us provide a personalized tutoring plan and will help to match your children with the best tutor for their needs.

Individual Tutoring plan

The assessment will highlight your child’s strengths and areas of weakness. When we understand your child’s learning style, we design a personalized tutoring plan according to your child’s needs. The tutoring plan is tailored to your child’s needs and aims at helping your child increase their proficiency which will serve as a support of their learning throughout the teaching sessions and the year.

Homework help

We also offer homework help at home. Your child may have some difficulties to understand the instructions and we will make sure their homework are fully completed before the end of the tutoring session.

We support your child’s improvement

Progress reports help us to make sure that your child is improving their skills accordingly and make required changes appropriately when needed. It also allows parents to follow their children’s improvement and lesson contents during our tutoring sessions. Reports will be given to monitor your child’s progress on a regular basis.

How does a tutoring session work?

Our classes are usually an hour to an hour and a half depending on the age of the student. We believe that this duration is most adequate for most students from our teaching experience. It produces more results, strengthens their skills and gives the tutor enough opportunities to work on specific aspects of French, English or Math comprehension in addition to reviewing school learning contents and homework assignments.

Our session is divided into separate phases:


Discussion with the students about their week at school. This will allow the student to develop their communication skills to talk about their activities and make them more comfortable with the upcoming lesson.

Homework help

If needed, our tutors will review the lessons of the week at school, help students with their homework and make appropriate corrections to make sure the student understands course objectives from their school.

Academic reinforcement

Academic reinforcement: Our tutors will work on a specific area and aspect of French, English or Math to develop the student skills and reinforce their areas of concern to facilitate the student’s improvement.

Our tutors

All our tutors are native teachers are OCT certified, qualified and experienced to teach French, English or Maths  and expert in their field. We make sure our tutors have the academic background and credentials to teach. Speakedia Language Learning also has its own method and we also train our teachers and tutors to follow our vision of education and our learning expectations.

Our tutors are fully bilingual, well-screened, hold a criminal-free record check in Canada. We try our best to chose the best tutor that can suit our students’ needs according to the assessment results we made and make sure they live close to your area.


Some children may have difficulties at school for other reasons in addition to academic performance. Those reasons may include a lack of interest in learning, some organizational issue with their studies, concentration problem or homework completion issue.

We also make sure that we get the right tutor for your children so that they can help the students overcome their difficulties and have positive long-term effect on their behaviour and learning focus.


Getting tangible results for your child can be attributed in part from having the right tutor and also using the right materials.

We want to make sure that our French, English and Math tutoring classes are entertaining, fun and given in a relaxed environment which will facilitate the student’s motivation to study and increase their interest for the language or the subject they learn. To help our students to improve their language skills in French, English or Spanish, we use all types of materials which are useful in stimulating the student’s interests. Depending on their age; video and audio files to develop their phonological and syntax conscience, flash cards, articles, interactive books and games, comics and other materials may be used.

Some students may require specific assistance or a special requirement for a limited period and we also design tailored programs according to each individual student’s need.

The goal of Speakedia is that our students not only reach their academic goals but also that our tutors have a long-lasting positive impact on their life.

High-school – College and university student

As a high-school or college student, you may want to improve your level of French or English or learn Spanish to prepare an official test or a future course in your school, university or a school in Canada or overseas, to be fluent in one of those language and to be bilingual for work or a future employment or just for travel reason.

If you are a university student who has a minor or a major in French language, we can help you with your assignment, project or exam. If you want to improve your French, English or Spanish to become a certified tutor and want to be more fluent in order to get more chance to be hire in a school, we can help you to improve your level.

private french lessons

corporate french lessons


Leisure and travel learning

If you wish to learn French, English or Spanish for personal interest or for travel purposes, a private one on one in-home tutoring will be a perfect choice for your learning. We will tailor a lesson plan with specific vocabulary, practice daily situations you may come across while traveling such as ordering in a restaurant, booking a hotel room, asking for directions…. We also offer small group tutoring (2 to 4 people) if you wish to take lessons with a family member or a friend. If you are an adult professional who is looking for french, English or Spanish lessons for work and business purposes, please check the Corporate and adult professional learning page.

If you want a online lesson, please check the E-learning page.

Why choose us?

Professional teachers

Our tutors and teachers have lot of experience in teaching and we always make sure that they can work with you on the a long-term commitment. We don’t like to change teachers and tutors every now and then and we always work hard to select those who can commit for a long term.

Language specialists

A lot of agencies do all type of tutoring for kids and adult. We are an agency who is specialized in teaching language. This is something that differentiate us with other agencies. If you sign up with us, all of our effort are done toward the improvement of your language fluency.

No contract

You don’t have a contract with us. We don’t believe in locking parents into long-term contracts. Our focus is to get results for your child and we believe that you will feel more confident with us as you see your child’s grades improving and your child’s behavior changing for the better.

Speakedia offers in-home tutoring and online lessons in French, English, Math and Spanish for children, students, adults as well as for corporate and adult workers. Our mission is to create the perfect learning environment for our students and help them to reach their academic and career goals and build a successful future.