Online Learning

We offer online learning and phone call lessons in French, Spanish and English both for children and adult through the computer and the phone.

One on one private lesson online and through the phone

Group lesson (up to 4 people online)

Lesson for children from grade 6 and adult

We serve the whole Canada including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia as well as major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Online Learning through Skype for adult

Speakedia Language Learning offers online learning lessons for children and adults from the comfort of your home or your office through your computer.

We will follow the same teaching plan as in a classroom but with a different setting using various tools through videoconference with Skype or WebEx.

In addition to the conversation, we use interactive activities, videos and audio files to support our lessons.

This type of lesson best suits individuals and children who want to save on traveling time and are comfortable with online lessons. For adult workers, it is very useful especially if you are in a workplace with meetings and conferences

Online Learning through Skype for children and teens

For children, we will follow the same method than our in-home tutoring. We will prefer to offer the online lesson from children from Grade 6 and up.

We will make the lesson as interactive as possible and work in all areas French, Spanish and English language. We can help your child improve his writing, reading, speaking and listening skills using a variety of tools such as file sharing, interactive books for reading, videos and audio files.

We bring the classroom through your computer!

Many people may think that having a teacher or tutor face to face will be more beneficial than having a lesson through a computer. We teaching method through Skype is unique and will make you as comfortable as being with a teacher in front of you.

Learning through telephone for adults

Many people do not realize how useful a language lesson through the phone can be. By not having a visual perception of the teacher, you can develop excellent auditory and listening capacities. It is suitable for individuals who use the phone a lot in their job and can prepare you well for a phone conversation in French or Spanish.

For online lesson for corporation and adult workers, please check the link Corporate Training

Online Learning 2

Our teachers and tutors

Our online live teachers and tutors in French, Spanish and English are native speakers, qualified and experienced in teaching language both for private and group classes online. They are fully bilingual and their experience will make you feel comfortable as soon as you start the sessions.

Speakedia offers in-home tutoring and online lessons in French, English, Math and Spanish for children, students, adults as well as for corporate and adult workers. Our mission is to create the perfect learning environment for our students and help them to reach their academic and career goals and build a successful future.