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Online Virtual Classes

We offer Virtual Classes for French, English and Spanish. We have designed a Complete Program Online for all age and Grade. We offer small group and Private Tutoring. We provide effective and engaging lessons with Native Speaking Tutors for School-aged children and for Adult.


Corporate Training

Our private tutoring lessons for adult professionals and our corporate training aim at helping you and your company to develop the necessary language skills for your business. Our teaching content is customized to each individual in the team and to meet specific corporate learning outcomes and goals.


Home Tutoring

Private lessons from home are an excellent way to improve your level proficiency since our tutors are focused on only one student. In-home tutoring help children and adults to gain confidence and they will be taught how to learn independently as well as how to create their own learning environment.


French & English Classes in Toronto

Our French & English Group lessons for Adult professionals and School-aged Children aim at helping you to develop the necessary language and Acamedic skills. Our teaching contents are customized to meet specific learning outcomes and goals. We offer a Free Assessment and Consultation. Contact us for more info!


Who do we teach to?

School and University students

We tutor students from Grade 1 to Grade 12

We offer tutoring lessons for small groups of children as well

We tutor for French Immersion, English program, Core and extended French, IB French, children enrolled in a Spanish program

We also offer French, English or Spanish tutoring for university students who have a major in the French, English or Spanish language or students who are enrolled in those courses

Corporate and adult professionals

We offer well-designed and customized corporate classes if your company needs a French, English or Spanish training for your employees.

Adult professionals who need a French, English or Spanish teacher to enhance their business' perspectives

Professionals (Health Professionals, lawyers and others) who are required to pass official tests in French, English and Spanish

Adults or families

We offer tutoring lessons for individuals who have an interest in French, English or Spanish

Families who are interested in learning as a group for personal, cultural and other reasons

People who need tutoring lessons for their travel plans and tourism


Ontario Certified teachers, Professionnal & Native tutors

Flexibility : We will adapt and work around your schedule

Tailored teaching plan according to each individual's needs

Professionnal Teachers : Long term commitment to our students

Regular follow up on improvement of our students

Ontario Certified teachers speakedia


Our outstanding and experienced tutors will take your children language skills to the next level and enhance their confidence

Improve your confidence with our tutors and learn the appropriate language of your business field with our tailored programs

Testimonials & reviews

  • "A perfect place to enhance and improve your language skills. My daughter was being assessed for entering a french school and had difficulty in reading (was not up to the level). I was blessed to run into Speakedia and have on of their tutor to help her out. Reading is very challenging and requires a lot of practicing. Her tutor was able to asses her, pinpoint her weaknesses and work on them with her. In less than a month, I was able to see her progress. When she went for her test, everybody was surprised with the quick improvement. Adding to that, he was very patient and very professional. Thank you! I strongly recommend their services"

    Nesreen Khairy
    Daughter accepted in a French School in Woodbridge
  • French has always been something I enjoyed and excelled at. However, I did need some help in building up my confidence in my French speaking abilities and I also needed help with some areas of grammar. I was lucky enough to encounter Speakedia at the beginning of this school year. They have been able to help me thoroughly understand my various French content and improve my marks by almost a whole letter grade. Their tutors' passion for the French language is portrayed onto their students which makes learning the French language more enjoyable. The tutor I have constantly comes prepared and will always go the extra mile in order to ensure his students are successful. I would highly recommend Speakedia tutoring services to anyone looking for that extra push in pursuing the French language! You will not be disappointed!

    Meghan DiPaolo
    Third year French Studies student at York University
  • It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Speakedia Language Learning. They have been tutoring my son in French since the commencement of the school year. Their teachers have outstanding teaching abilities, exemplary attributes and unmatched skills. Since Speakedia began tutoring my son, his grades have increased considerably in the French IB program. Their tutors have always been dedicated to their work and their commitment is what makes them different from others agencies we signed up with in the past. Speakedia has a unique teaching approach and their tutors are both professional and friendly. I wish them all the best in their future teaching endeavors!

    Monique Dennison
    Mother of a Grade 10 son in IB Frecnh Program
  • "We called Speakedia in March this year to help our 4 years old son to improve his French communication skills. Our goal was to prepare him for an upcoming interview at one of the best French Catholic schools in Ontario. We had two tutors who had lot of experience with children of my son's age. Each tutor came one day of the week and they used their own specific skills in order to prepare my son very well for the interview. They were both from France with excellent communication skills. They used many teaching tools, e.g. online resources, games, pictures, books to improve my son's vocabulary while keeping a fun and active environment. . At the end of May, my son got accepted by the school. We are very grateful for their hard work and dedication. We highly recommend the Speakedia team".

    Shelly Ma
    Her son was accepted in a French Catholic School
  • Working with Speakedia teachers has been an excellent experience! Practical language improvements have been incredibly helpful for travel, client care and company development. I absolutely recommend Speakedia for those wanting to expand their horizons and advance their level of skill.

    Maria Sikk
    Health Professional
  • David has been an excellent French tutor and advisor for our lessons; he has been able to create lesson plans tailored to the various levels of my family members. He always come prepared with materials and exercises but spends the majority of the time focusing on conversation which has been incredibly helpful. He’s also been able to bring strong knowledge of both International and Quebecois French which is helpful as my husband’s family is from Quebec! I would highly recommend all the Speakedia team!

    Victoria Pelletier
    Corporate Executive and mother of 2 children in Core French
  • I have been taking private classes with Speakedia for half a year now and I'm very very satisfied with their services. Their teachers show a high level of professionalism and passion for teaching. I have significantly improved my communication level and I'm considering having them to train my employees which will be helpful for our company development. I highly recommend their services for individuals or companies wishing to improve their languages skills.

    George C
    Altima Dental Inc.


Private tutoring lessons
Starting from 56$/h
  • Your language tutor in your home
  • One on one tutoring
  • Consultation and assessment
  • Teaching material
  • Individual teaching plan
  • Improvement report
  • (Please note that the price may vary depending on your geographic area)
Small group tutoring in your home
Starting from 28$ to $40/h
  • Your language tutor in your home
  • Lessons from 2 to 4 students maximum
  • Consultation and assessment
  • Teaching material
  • Individual teaching plan
  • Improvement report
Corporate or adult professionals
Starting from $68/h
  • Your language tutor in your office
  • Consultation and assessment
  • Teaching material
  • Individual teaching plan
  • Tailored teaching content applied to professional field
  • Improvement report
  • For group tutoring, ask for a quote
Tutoring lessons through Skype
Starting from 30$/h
  • One on one lesson through Skype
  • Your language tutor live on the computer
  • Interactive classes through various sofware programs
  • Teaching material
  • Consultation and assessment
  • Individual teaching plan
  • Improvement report

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