Best Private English Lessons

Enhance your English language skills by hiring the services of a passionate and experienced in-home/online English home tutor in North York, Toronto.

At Speakedia, we strive to help students improve on their written and verbal communication skills while making the most out of knowledge they receive from the school. Our private English home tutors in Toronto are experts in their core field and fully bilingual.

They are passionate about this global language and committed to help students in getting good grades besides enhancing their written and verbal proficiency in the English language.

Our team of experienced english tutors offers coaching to all students from Grade K to Grade 12 and college & university students. Contact us for more info.

How Do We Approach English Tutoring?

Speakedia’s approach to English tutoring is based on identifying each student’s learning needs and tailoring a coaching program around these requirements. Our English home tutors based in Toronto can provide one-on-one training to students in the comfort of their homes or through online classes for added convenience.

Our approach to English and ESL tutoring is as follows:
  • Free initial consultation to identify your child’s needs
  • Individualized academic tutoring plan to help your child improve their grades and overcome gaps in learning
  • In-home assessment for your child to identify strengths and weaknesses in his current proficiency level
  • Matching your child with the right ESL tutor/mentor in Toronto.

Schedule an appointment with our executives for FREE ASSESSMENT:  Call us now 647-373-5826.

One-On-One English Home Tutoring

We offer English language tutoring directly from the comfort of your home. Parents may choose private in-home tutoring because they do not get adequate time to teach their children or cannot speak or write this language.  Such children may have to struggle developing good communication skills in the future.

  • Children get the individual focus they need to improve academic performance
  • Tutors can focus solely on areas of improvement your child needs
  • Tailored lessons for optimal academic performance
  • Children and parents feel more comfortable in a familiar environment
  • We also offer homework help at home

3 Separate Phases Of Our Private English Lessons

  1. Warm up

This session is more like a preliminary round. Our certified, professional English home tutors in Toronto discuss with students about their week at school. This will allow students to become more interactive with the tutor while improving communication skills.

  1. Homework Help

If needed, our learned tutors will review weekly school lessons to help students by making corrections in their homework. This will ensure the students have a proper understanding of course objectives at school.

  1. Academic Reinforcement

Our ESL tutors will work on developing the skills of the students and reinforce their areas of concern to facilitate their improvement. Learn more

Our English Tutors

All our tutors are native, professional, and OCT certified to teach top-level English to the students. They focus on improving both written as well as verbal communication skills and help them gain much-needed confidence to fair successfully at school and later in life.

We are dedicated to bring a significant improvement in the academic performance of students through one on one, personalized tutorial lessons. Learn more.