In a context of globalization, language training is becoming a must-do for many corporates and adult workers who understand the amount of opportunities a new language can bring to a business and a market.

Why learn the French language?

Canada is officially a bilingual country and having the ability to speak the French language is an asset that will add value to your company and improve the level of your competitiveness. French lessons for corporate professionals will help you to achieve desired success in your field.

Why learn The Spanish language?

The number of Spanish speakers in Canada is growing year after year and many companies are choosing to deal with South America or Spain, which offer a boulevard of opportunities for business.

French, English & Spanish Lessons for Coporate and Adult workers

Speakedia for corporate is a professional language-training agency that offers Spanish and French lessons for corporate employees and private teaching lessons for individuals such as company executives, managers, and owners. Our lessons take place in our client’s corporate office or home.

We have experience teaching companies in the fields of management, finance and banking, customer service, airlines, international business, sales, hospitality, health industry (dentist, nutritionist…)…

Our clients in French, English and Spanish range from individuals, to small businesses, to corporations.

We offer :



ONLINE LEARNING (Videoconference with Skype or WebEx, telephone…)


Our teaching method

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You will follow our curriculum in French or Spanish designed from elementary to advanced level. Our teaching plan of Spanish and French classes for corporate professionals is tailored according to your corporate needs and adapted to the field of your business. In addition to focusing on all aspects of the language, we will provide vocabulary, expression and communication tools, which will reflect your daily business language.

Evaluation and placement test

To understand your corporate needs better, we will give a placement test to determine which level of the curriculum you can start and how long it may take you to reach your learning objectives.

We will do a diagnostic evaluation of your speaking proficiency through a one on one interview if it’s for a private class or during the first lesson if it’s in a group lesson. We will also evaluate your writing, listening and reading level at the beginning of the class.

Follow up on improvement

During the sessions, we will follow up on your improvement on a regular basis to ensure your learning objectives are met and make appropriate adjustments if needed.

At the end of the session, we will evaluate your global improvement through the session test and it will tell us if you are ready to go to the next level.

We support your learning progress

A progress report will be made during the session after each evaluation in order to follow and monitor your employees’ progress.

Quality assurance

We will regularly assess our client’s satisfaction by giving questionnaires and thus assess the evaluation of our services, our curriculum, teaching and training plans and our teachers.

Our teachers

Our corporate teachers in French and Spanish are native speakers, qualified and experienced in teaching language both for private and group classes. They are fully bilingual which is very useful for beginner level students.

Speakedia Language Learning also reflects the world at an international level and because we want to promote the diversity, we have a team of French and Spanish native teachers from francophone and Hispanic countries. You can also request a teacher coming from a specific area if it is useful for your business.

Online Learning


Speakedia offers online Spanish, English, and French learning lessons for corporates and adults from the comfort of your office or your home through your computer.

We will follow the same teaching plan as in a classroom but with a different setting using various tools through videoconference with Skype or WebEx.

In addition to the conversation, we use interactive activities, videos and audio files to support our lessons. This type of lesson best suits individuals who want to save on traveling time and are comfortable with online lessons.

It is very useful especially if you are in a workplace with meetings and conferences.

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Learning through telephone


Many people do not realize how useful a language lesson through the phone can be. By not having a visual perception of the teacher, you can develop excellent auditory and listening capacities. It is suitable for corporations and individuals who use the phone a lot in their job and can prepare you well for a phone conversation in French or Spanish.

Speakedia offers in-home tutoring and online lessons in French, English, Math and Spanish for children, students, adults as well as for corporate and adult workers. Our mission is to create the perfect learning environment for our students and help them to reach their academic and career goals and build a successful future.