4 Helpful Tips for Learning Spanish Through Movies – Our Guide

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There are fun ways to learn the Spanish language aside from traditional methods, such as taking classes or reading books. Today, you can use technology to help us learn the beautiful Spanish language faster and better too. Using almost any device, you can translate, pause, and play, and repeat scenes that can help you learn Spanish.

To help you get started, here are four of the most helpful tips to learn Spanish by simply watching movies:

1. Choose Your Favorite Movies and Watch Their Spanish Versions

You probably have a list of favourite movies that you have memorized almost line by line. Watching a movie that you’re most familiar with and translating it to Spanish can teach you how to speak fluently in the language.

Find a Spanish version of a film that you have watched repeatedly in English. Watch the movie with the subtitles to give you a grasp of their conversation. Later, you will start to get accustomed to the recurring Spanish words.

Once you feel more confident about the Spanish audio, try to turn off the English subtitles. You’ll notice that you can understand the words easier since you already know the lines of the movie by heart.

2. Cut the Film Into Shorter Segments

Trying to translate a one or two-hour movie can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Instead of watching the whole film, try splitting the movie into smaller segments so that you can focus more on each word. Compared to other languages, Spanish may seem rather fast. It is best to cut the film into short segments that you can watch by batch.

Try to learn at your own pace so that you can understand the meaning and usage of each Spanish word more carefully. After you complete the first segment, you can proceed to watch more until you finish the whole movie.

3. Focus on a Segment With One or Two Characters

Take note that there are different ways of pronunciation and intonation for every Spanish speaking character. You may find it hard to differentiate the words when two or three different characters talk at the same time. It is best to focus on the segments where only one or two voices are involved to avoid any confusion. This will make it easier for you to follow the pace of the conversation, as well as get a more accurate grasp of the pronunciation and intonation.

Try to find a monologue that you can practice and read along with. It’s the perfect exercise to make sure you get the manner of speaking right.

4. Pause, Practice, and Repeat

The best way to learn a new language is to say the words aloud until you feel more confident to converse. You can apply this method by watching a Spanish movie and repeating their lines. Choose some of your favourite lines then pause for a while so that you can practice saying the same words aloud. You can rewind the same part repeatedly until you finally get the words right. Play the next few lines and repeat the process until you get comfortable with the pace.


Learning Spanish is quite a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be dull. By watching a movie translated into Spanish, you will not only learn better, but you will also have fun in the process.

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