Speakedia Translation Services

Our services

 We offer English, French and Spanish translation services. With the help of our professional translators, we deliver finished translations according to your specifications with the highest level of accuracy for your utmost satisfaction. Our clients are small businesses and corporations as well as individuals, especially for immigration purposes.

Area of expertise

Our expertise covers a wide range of documents including;

• Letters
• Websites
• Sales and marketing materials including product packaging, brochures, banners, catalogs,
signage and pamphlets
• Technical manuals, reports
• Exam papers and
• Immigration documents among others


We have expertise in translating documents in various fields such as;

• Legal documents
• Sales, advertising and marketing
• Health: dentistry and medicine
• Finance, insurance and banking
• Technical documents in construction, IT and transportation
• Agriculture and food industries
• Cosmetics

Rates & Pricing

Our rates vary according to the degree of difficulty in translating the document and the level of expertise required. As soon as we receive a project, we review the contents and size of the project and consider other pertinent factors to get you a final quote.

Processing Time

Lead times can vary from one to three days or more, depending on the difficulty, degree of expertise and our current workload.

• 1500 words: 1-2 days
• 5000 words: 3-4 days
• 10000 words: 7 days

On average, for every additional 1500 words, please add an extra day

Speakedia Language Learning offers in-home language tutoring lessons in French, English, Math and Spanish for children, students, adults as well as and corporate and adult workers. We offer new languages learning opportunities in the Great Toronto Area and aim at promoting the importance and benefits of learning and speaking languages  in our society.